Small Strokes

Originate complex protagonists whose personal arcs speak to the compelling and intersectional experiences of women, people of color, and/or the LGBTQ community. 

For writers of all identities.

Using this unique approach to the craft of screenwriting, Jenny Kleiman uses characters' misbehaviors and trauma (yes, in comedy too!) to develop complex story arcs. Specializing in plot problem-solving, these workshops will help you identify and hone your voice. Further, in an effort to combat and destroy familiar tropes previously reserved for women and minorities in cinema, these workshops are specific to developing and honing the inner narratives, experiences, and tribulations of minority leads.


3:00 pm -5:00 pm EST




8 week / Summer

Virtual via Zoom

June 29, 2021

July 6, 2021

July 13, 2021

July 20, 2021

July 27, 2021

August 3, 2021

August 10, 2021

August 17, 2021

01 / Working the Wound: Screenwriting Workshop

Creating Complex Women, BIPOC, & LGBTQ Protagonists

At the heart of every narrative is a complex protagonist and at the basis of their journey, a WOUND- trauma that shapes itself into a misbehavior. Depending on your genre or structure, that wound helps dictate story structure and drive plot forward (or seeming backward!) in the characters’ journey to reach their goal. 

In an effort to combat and destroy familiar tropes previously reserved for women and minorities in cinema, this class is specific to developing and honing the inner narratives, experiences, and tribulations of minority leads. Using the fundamentals of “Working the Wound,” you will originate a protagonist whose personal arc speaks to the compelling and intersectional experiences of women, people of color, and/or the LGBTQ community. Open to all writers and all identities.


Using this screenwriting tool to develop scene work and narrative beats, this class is an opportunity to create layered and complex characters to drive your feature or TV pilot. Over eight weeks, you will develop and workshop your idea with the focus and goal of FINISHING YOUR SCRIPT.

Modeled after a professional writers’ room, students will read each other’s work weekly to discuss, critique, identify, and learn story structure, this class is great for levels: beginners, intermediate, or professional writers looking to create great stories with compelling leads. 

8-Week Sessions: $400 + tax


3:00 pm -5:00 pm EST




4 week / Spring

Virtual via Zoom

May 11, 2021

May 18, 2021

May 25, 2021

June 1, 2021

02/  Developing a Proof of Concept: A Crucial Work Sample

to Pitch Your Feature or Series-Length Concept 

So you have a feature or series concept, and you’ve spent weeks, months, or maybe years developing, structuring, and writing your idea into fruition. If this sounds like you- Congrats! You’ve made it over the first big hurdle! But now you’re wondering, “how do I get this film made? How do I garner financing? How do I stick out from the crowd in submitting to grants, contests, and fellowships? How can I prove my project has promise to producers, studio execs, and financiers- or how can I book those meetings?”

Over the last 10 years, the PROOF OF CONCEPT has become an industry standard for writer/directors to show off their visual aesthetic and story possibility of their lengthier feature or TV concept. Movies like Hunger Games, Whiplash, The Babadook, Sin City, and series like It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and High Maintenance all sprouted from a proof of concept. These short films are a taste of what you can do, where your story can go, and tease financiers into getting on board with your point of view. It’s a short film with a beginning, middle, end, and a little extra room for your concept to grow. 

For writers ready to take their project to the next stage, I’m offering a special 4-week session on how to build out a short script tertiary to your feature/pilot material. The rush to put together a short can feel like a mountain of work, and this course grounds you on a path towards production. This session is geared toward INTERMEDIATE TO PROFESSIONAL WRITERS, or students who have attended a previous 8-week session of Working the Wound. Directing experience is NOT required nor is presenting a finished feature-length or pilot script, but your general idea must be fleshed out.

4-Week Sessions: $200 + tax


2-Day Weekend 

Virtual via Zoom

May 1

May 2

Saturday & Sunday

2:00 pm -5:00 pm EST


03 / Working the Wound: Screenwriting Workshop

Virtual Weekend Intensive

This 2-day mini-class is a great intro to Working the Wound and appropriate for screenwriters of all levels. Whether you're in early ideation, outlining, pages, or between drafts, this intensive is built to assist your creative process with notes and feedback.


The best way to learn screenwriting is by doing- so you’ll be turning in pages, reading each other’s work, giving and receiving notes. 

  • Before the weekend, you will receive an assignment to submit to the group which helps you to present your project. 

  • Each writer will get approximately 10-15 minutes of notes on their projects on either Day 1 or Day 2. 

  • During their block, the writer present their idea, students give feedback while Jenny helps to steer the critique and cover the basics of screenwriting, story structure, format, etc. Along the way, we focus particularly on how to deepen the protagonist through a strong WOUND. 

  • Between the days, Jenny provides a worksheet (on story and protagonists) and make time for questions before we jump back into critique. 

  • The session ends with industry talk and Q&A. 

Weekend Session: $120 + tax

By Appointment


7-Day Turnaround

Please indicate in subject line of emails if *RUSH* coverage is needed

within 48 hours

04 / One-on-One: Script Consultation & Coverage

Whether you are fleshing out an idea or find yourself stuck between drafts, I am happy to offer a more personal and direct learning environment. With your choice of weekly packages or hourly rates, these sessions are particularly useful for those who are dedicated to finishing their project and readying it for market. 

UNDER 65 PAGES (Shorts, TV Pilots, Pitches) - $250

Includes your choice of 3 pages of notes OR 30 minutes of feedback via a call/Zoom session. 

OVER 65 AND UP TO 130 PAGES (Features) - $350

Includes your choice of 4 pages of notes OR a 45 minutes of feedback via a call/ Zoom.

UNDER 5 PAGE GENERAL CONSULTATION (outlines, idea, concepts, script-to-screen, production breakdowns) - $150 

Includes 1 hour call/ Zoom.

*Each half hour past the original included time OR extra half-page of notes is $25. I'm responsible for letting you know when our half hour is coming to a close. The call will be scheduled within 7 days of scripts' receipt. Additional $50 for rush service (within 48 hours). 

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Jenny Kleiman is a screenwriter, director, and producer based in New York City. She loves living in New York, throwing pottery on a wheel, and her very good boy, Vali, a Border Collie mix.

Born in Manhattan and raised in Charleston, SC, Jennifer Kleiman received her BFA in Film Production with a minor in Women and Gender Studies from the University of Colorado at Boulder. 

Represented by one of the top literary agencies in the world, Gersh, Jenny’s first feature script, AMERICAN PRINCESS, was featured on The Black List as the #1 Trending Script for March 2019 and finished at #16 overall for first quarter.


Her most recent short film, SOFA QUEEN, premiered at the 2020 USA Film Festival and online with the 2020 Lighthouse International Film Festival. Its received numerous festival selections, nominations, and awards including the Grand Jury Prize for Best Short (Comedy) at Film Invasion LA and Best US Comedy at the Venice Film Awards. 

Jenny’s industry experience began with a directing apprenticeship under director/ producer, Roman Coppola. As a script reader, Jenny selected and pitched the pilot for MOZART IN THE JUNGLE which was picked up by Coppola’s company, American Zoetrope, and ran for 4 seasons.  She went on to work as the writing assistant to screenwriter and master of horror, David Loucka (RINGS, HOUSE AT THE END OF THE STREET).

As a commercial director, Jenny produced and directed national commercials and internal branding videos for clients including Adidas, BMW, and SEE Eyewear and has been featured by major fashion names like NYLON, Topshop, New York Fashion Week, Charleston Fashion Week, and more.


As a producer, Jenny and longtime collaborator, Kayla Morrisey, formed The Royal Wild in 2014. Their first feature project, FLEURS, is currently in pre-production for Spring 2021, a co-production with Alexis Varouxakis (GOOD TIME, ARKANSAS, I AM MOTHER) of Adrenaline Entertainment. 


Jenny is also the co-founder of the startup, Women's Independent Film Channel, or WIFC TV, a streaming service cultivating exposure for women in film. WIFC TV was selected for the competitive 2017 class of Project Entrepreneur by the Rent the Runway Foundation.



based in New York, NY



Link provided upon payment.


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